One To One with Ian Lees

Ian Lees is MD of a Wills firm, and I put to him all the sort of questions anyone would ask. E.g. Should everyone make a will, and what happens if you don’t ? Then again, a frequently asked question – at what age should you make a will ? I put the point that if you make it in your twenties, well, you might get married or have several partners, and lots of children, even grandchildren by the time you are 60 ! Oh, and what happens if you have no property, and are “ sofa surfing” at the moment? Then I personally find that dealing with wills involves understanding a lot of jargon, eg.codices, executor, probate, etc so I ask Ian for the ordinary person’s guide to finding your way around the these.He is more than able to help and you’ll enjoy his Scots brogue !

Elspeth Jackman Written by: