One To One With… Iain Lane

For this One to One Podcast, Iain Lane, following his revealing lecture to St Albans Art Society, brings to life one of our most famous artists – Leonardo da Vinci! How did artists live and work in the fifteenth century? Nothing like today. To produce a painting was a communal effort, with young boys pounding the pigment to create the paint, plasterers to lay on the foundations, with apprentices, as well as the master craftsmen. I learnt that a studio would turn its hand to sculpture, to metalwork, to design work, and Leonardo himself left hundreds of notebooks of ideas, including technical engineering sketches. Iain commented that Italy then was used to religion as a thread of life, not just an optional extra, chosen by the few so no wonder that many of the paintings were of Bible scenes. Listen and enjoy a few surprises.

Elspeth Jackman Written by: