I Will Run 100 km, Traveller Process Review, Electoral Shift & A Maltings Duck

Matt and Laura from the Herts Ad join Producer Sam in the studio to cover four local news stories from in and around the City & District of St Albans.

A dad raises money for a charity Fight For Sight to support his daughter’s lesser-known genetic eye disorder aniridia. You can support Kieron, who will be attempting the Thames Path Challenge next month by visiting his justgiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kieron-price4

A review is being held to find out whether the process of dealing with traveller incursions is clear to the residents of St Albans. A meeting open to the public will be held on 12th September at the Civic Centre, St Peter’s Street at 7 pm.

A YouGov survey suggests that long-standing St Albans MP Anne Main would lose her seat in a General Election.

A duck called Buds was spotted on a walk through the Maltings on Tuesday. She is 26 weeks old and thinks she is human. Though she likes to swim in the waterway by Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, she tends to avoid interactions with other waterfowl.

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