The Doctor is in, Christmas sustenance and other (Local News) Stories

On the pod this week, Danny speaks to Dr. Richard Pile about keeping well in winter. For example, getting good quality of sleep, scheduling in some physical activity and keeping an eye on your diet, which can be tricky with all the treats about this time of year.

Dr. Pile also stressed that if you are eligible for the flu jab to please take the time to get it. You can find out if you or those close to you are eligible on the NHS website here. Producer Sam recently had hers and was in an out of the surgery in less than 5 minutes. Getting the flu jab not only protects you, but others around you that can’t (i.e. medically are unable to receive it because of weaken immune systems etc.).

Consider your wellbeing, and be mindful of yourself and others this Christmas, especially if you know of anyone who may be spending the season alone. If you need any information or contacts over the holidays visit Herts Help.

If you or a loved one is ill over Christmas, Dr. Pile says please use the NHS wisely. Before travelling to A&E or trying to get to see your doctor, please consider using the 111 telephone service, who will advise you on the best course of action, or visit a pharmacy who can often offer advice and over-the-counter medicines. (In an emergency always call 999.)

Becky Alexander talks with Danny about Christmas food and drinks and the pop-up festive food stalls and markets that are in and around St Albans this time of year.

Matt & Laura bring a scoop of local news ahead of the print version on Thursday morning.

Download our episode on Christmas Day for a bumper Christmas themed Hot Topic with Ian Rogers, Danny and Producer Sam.

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