One To One with… Friday Folk (Folk Dance)

In One to One, enlarged this week to Three, with Mollie on the fiddle and Alain Williams and Katharine Narroway, we discover what folk dancing is all about. Specifically they tell Elspeth about ‘Friday Folk’, a St Albans Folk Club is celebrating its 40th birthday!  

We find out that this is one of the easiest dance clubs to join. All the moves are called from the front, and as most of the dances are for couples, your partner can help you at any point. Many of the dances form patterns on the floor, and Elspeth imagines what they’d look like from high above.  

One happy addition to the podcast today is Mollie’s fiddle playing.  

Well, how could you get the right impression of folk dance with no music? 

Elspeth Jackman Written by: