Get Off The Couch & Run and Spring Yummies

Spring is around the corner and Becky Alexander tells Danny about the Secret Truffletier and a new pudding and coffee shop “Room for Dessert” on Hatfield Road. She also tells us about local chef Theo Michaels who has a new recipe book out called “Share“.

Enjoy the beauty of Heartwood Forest on the inaugural Sandridge 10 k run. Emma speaks to Danny about how to join up and the food festival that is happening afterwards! Find out more on the Sandridge 10 k website.

Sam and Danny hear what the latest hot topic is, brought to you courtesy of Ian Rogers,

Laura & Matt discuss the recent news stories from around St Albans. Find out more on the Herts Ad website.

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  1. 26th February 2020

    Ah Sandridge 10k sounds fab will definitely be signing up but….. The St Albans Stampede which runs in Heartwood Forest is on its 6th year now and for the third year running will be having wooden medals and wooden trophies! So very sorry but certainly not the first wooden medals locally!

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