Local News Latest, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Easter Book Suggestions

The latest information from Dr Richard Pile on COVID-19 with advice on where to keep correctly informed about the latest developments. Keep updated at the Public Health England and the NHS websites (information in the podcast correct as of Wednesday 11th March 2020).

Clare Hobba takes us through the seasons with her book choices for April, theme – Easter.
Acts and Omissions: (Lindchester Chronicles 1) by Catherine Fox.
Word in the Wilderness: A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter by Malcolm Guite.
and Chocolat by Joanne Harris.

For your book group: Easter refreshments ideas include – chocolate eggs, vegan & Fairtrade available at Oxfam; simnel cake – a fruit cake decorated with a ball of marzipan for each of the twelve apostles. To drink – cocktails which contain chocolate or amaretto to go with the chocolate eggs and the marzipan simnel cake respectively.
An ideal Easter book group outing: Hatfield House with its amazing Spring flowers which opens for the season 4th April. Or pop into any of your local churches over the Easter weekend 10th – 13th April and see if they have made a beautiful traditional Easter garden – a miniature garden with spring flowers and a model of Christ’s empty tomb with the boulder rolled away.

Clare Hobba is an Author & Creative Writing Tutor, join her excellent Creative Writing Course for Adults that is starting in May.

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