One to One with… Andrew King (Bell Ringing)

In this One to One with Elspeth, we receive a surprise of a euphonium solo to get us into the many musical interests of Andrew King. However, the main topic of interest today is his bell ringing, the intricacies of which are quite amazing. You probably don’t realise how heavy they are, or the thousands of bell ringers who keep this skill alive in Britain.

Did you know that currently the majority of ringers are female? Did you know that Big Ben has a crack down one side, and is consequently a tiny bit out of tune. There’s lots to enjoy and lots to learn with Andrew King in this podcast on his musical occupations.

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  1. 28th March 2020

    Andrew is a cherished friend of mine, so this was doubly enjoyable. Although we share many musical interests I was nevertheless surprised by his comprehensive knowledge of church bells. He is good at all he does, and he does a lot. Christian greetings to you, Elspeth; I’m your fan from days of Sunday afternoons on Verulam… LG

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