Remotely, Remotely; Where For Art Thou Recording Remotely

Danny and Sam try to record the intro and outro remotely this week as social distancing and other measures come into effect, so please bear with us if it sounds a bit disjointed.

On the pod, we have Becky Alexander with her regular food and drink segment. To find out more from Becky follow her on Instagram at PackedWithGoodThings.

Helen Wills tells us about her podcast “Teenage Kicks”. You can find it on your podcast platform of choice or listen to episodes on the acast website. Aimed at both parents and teenagers, it puts teen issues at its core, empowering teens to tackle problems, while giving parents guidance on how to help.

Matt and Laura from the Herts Ad bring us the local news. Stay up-to-date on local news and local information about COVID-19 on the Herts Ad website.

Recently they won an award for “Newshound”, video news for children in the local area. See more on the Newshound section of the Herts Ad website.

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