Faith in Challenging Times

During this period when churches are closed, the St Albans Podcast has teamed up with Dagnall Street Baptist Church to bring you a weekly church service you can experience at home. This week’s service is led by Jonny Fillis and Simon Carver. The order of service and links to songs on YouTube can be found below:

Welcome and Notices

Introduction – Faith in Challenging Times

Song – Be Still For the Presence of the Lord


Reading – Psalm 44:9-26 (NLT)

Recognising our Humanity

The wisdom of Job

Song – The Lord’s My Shepherd

Reading – Philippians 4:4-7


Song – I, the Lord of Sea and Sky


The Lord’s Prayer

Song – Great is Thy Faithfulness

Simon Carver Written by:


  1. Barbara Penn
    22nd March 2020

    Hopefully the next one will sound more cheery.. What of God’s power, to battle and win a healthy world ? In all of Boris’ statements there is no mention of God’s mighty army of angels fighting for us, and constantly beside us.

  2. Solomon
    22nd March 2020

    Thanks to the three of you for organising this, Simon,Jonny and Danny. It was very helpful Really enjoyed it. Please also send messages to Titi. Her email is :

  3. Liz
    22nd March 2020

    Simon and Jonny – thanks for this uplifting podcast/service. I especially loved the wisdom of Job and the flow through the service including where we are and where God is. Well done.

  4. Roger Distill
    22nd March 2020

    That was a great experience, Your message was spot on. My thanks – our thanks – again. And didn’t we all sing fabulously?

  5. Pat Rowley
    22nd March 2020

    Thank you so much Simon and Jonny and to Danny for facilitating this broadcast. It made me feel closer to the Church family. I shall be tuning in every Sunday! Loved the link to the hymns too.

  6. Muriel
    22nd March 2020

    Thank you so much, that was beautiful a way of bringing us all together – it is now on its way to Manipur! Muriel

  7. Ruth Sayers
    22nd March 2020

    I really loved listening to this. It was GREAT. We can all feel connected to each other, & to God, although we’re not physically meeting together. God’s with us wherever we are, anyway. I didn’t know Dagnall Street was on Facebook!!!!! I’ll look you up when I’ve finished writing this. I’d love to listen to/watch the midday prayer sessions, & anything else you put on here or on Facebook. God bless all of us, we’ve got some challenging times ahead, (they’ve already started!) but if we stick close to God, & to each other, He’ll see us through.

  8. Jessie Blair
    23rd March 2020

    Listened to your service on this Monday morning.Thanks for enriching my quiet time.I send love and ask God’s blessing on all at D.S.B.C.

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