O Mary Don’t You Weep

During this period when churches are closed, the St Albans Podcast has teamed up with Dagnall Street Baptist Church to bring you a weekly church service you can experience at home. This week’s service is led by Simon Carver and Jonny Fillis. Music provided by Matthew Green and Rory Carver. The order of service and link to the Bruce Springsteen song on YouTube can be found below:

Welcome and Notices

Call to Worship Psalm 40:5-10 (New Living Translation)

Song “O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder”

Reading Ezekiel 37:1-14 (New Living Translation)

Song “There is a Redeemer”

Reading John 11:1-45

Song “How deep the Father’s love”


Song “O Mary don’t you weep” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlpvbxmFm5g

Prayers (JF)

Song “I cannot tell why he whom angels worship”


Simon Carver Written by:


  1. Jessie Blair
    29th March 2020

    Thanks to Simon,Johnny,Danny,Rory,Catriona ,for an uplifting message of hope in our faithful God.Loved being with you and sharing this half hour of calm and assurance.See ou next week and stay well,love Jessie

  2. Joan Day
    29th March 2020

    Thank you, that was so good.

  3. Marjorie Jones
    29th March 2020

    A really powerful and moving service. Thankyou all so much- Simon, Jonny,, Rory, Matthew, Catriona and Danny. We appreciate it so much.

  4. Linda Roberts
    29th March 2020

    Many thanks to you all – listening at home gives you more time and space to really listen. Prayers, readings, music and sermon much appreciated – is it possible to have the words for the songs so we can join in?
    Now for the cup of tea after the service ☺️

  5. noreen Gilhespy
    29th March 2020

    Brilliant sermon and fantastic music. and sound quality.


  6. Linda
    29th March 2020

    Sorry, just found the words to the songs in another place! Oops!

  7. Mike Smith
    29th March 2020

    Wow! What a service – more please.

  8. Jan Morse
    29th March 2020

    Just caught up with the service – so uplifting and full of hope. All so professionally put together. Thank you all so much.

  9. Ian D Pearce
    29th March 2020

    Lovely service, look forward to next weeks.
    God bless

  10. Ruth Sayers
    29th March 2020

    I really enjoyed this service, it was really great. I can listen to it when I want to, rather than having to be at church at a certain time. But we miss really being together, if we listen like this, we’re not physically being together. I thought the reading and the sermon were very challenging. I was thinking “should we go & find people who’ve died, eg from Coronavirus, & try and raise them from the dead?” I don’t think Simon wants us to do that!!!!! There’s a bit where Jesus says “These things, & even greater things, shall you do, (because I’m going to the Father.)” I think he said the bits in brackets, I can’t remember!!!!! I hope you don’t mind me saying these things. Hopefully we’ll meet up again before too long. There’s that song,”We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!!!” You can tell what social isolation’s doing to my mind!!!!!!!!! God bless you all. “See you in the plan,” as they used to say in Norwich!!!!!!!!

  11. Noreen Gilhespy
    29th March 2020

    It made me smile reading your comments. Glad you are coping with this lock down. Xxx

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