Good Friday Service of Reflection

During this period when churches are closed, the St Albans Podcast has teamed up with Dagnall Street Baptist Church to bring you a weekly church service you can experience at home. We hope that the readings, prayers and music will help you reflect on this day and that you will feel part of the community of our church through these difficult times.

We are grateful to Rory Carver and Matthew Green for providing the music and to Danny Smith, our sound engineer.

Order of Service

Song “There is a Green Hill Far Away”

Welcome, Introduction and Prayer

He will walk a little in front of us towards Jerusalem.

It was on the Monday …

Song “My Song is Love Unknown” Vs 1 & 2

It was on the Tuesday …

He will walk a little in front of us into controversy

Song “My Song is Love Unknown” Vs 3 – 5

It was on the Wednesday …

He will walk a little in front of us into Gethsemane

It was on the Thursday

He will walk a little in front of us towards Calvary

It was on the Friday

Song “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”

Reading – John 19: 16-30

Song “O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded”

Reflection: Why did Jesus die?

He will walk a little behind us through the graveyard

Song “My Song is Love Unknown” Vs 6 & 7


Song “Ae fond kiss”

Simon Carver Written by:


  1. Anna O'Connell
    10th April 2020

    Thank you a most touching and reflective podcast. May God bless your endeavours of sharing the Gospel !

  2. Jessie Blair
    10th April 2020

    Thank you to Simon, Johnny,Rory and Mathew for a service which prompted tears .Tears of remorse for my sin,sadness at Jesus suffering and a thankful heart that He died for me and for you.Jessie

  3. Glynne Brand
    10th April 2020

    Thank you all. I promised a friend I would share the podcast with her as our church here in Malta is not giving a service today, and she felt the need for shared reflection of Good Friday. She has posted it on our Whatsapp group for all to share.

  4. Ruth Sayers
    10th April 2020

    I thought this service was really good. It’s really good that we can listen to services and still feel connected to each other, during these horrible times. I appreciate the effort that Simon, Jonny, Rory and Matthew have gone to to put this service together, it was really kind of you. Listening to a service makes A LOT OF DIFFERENCE. It makes me feel that I’ve been to church, when I haven’t. I definitely connect with God during these services, the daily Midday prayers as well, I’ll be “there” on Sunday morning, with my cup of coffee, I’ll listen to the service first!!!!!!!!! Thank you very, very much, it’s making SUCH A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you, & DON’T CATCH CORONAVIRUS!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to the time when we can all get together again…………. lots of love to everybody.

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