Easter Sunday Service

This Easter Sunday service is the fourth in our series of on-line Sunday services. We hope that you enjoy listening to the words and music and that it will help you feel part of the community of our church through these difficult times.

We are grateful to Rory Carver and Matthew Green for providing the music and to Danny Smith, our sound engineer.

Order of Service

“Halle, Halle Hallelujah”


Call to Worship

Song “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”

This is the Good News

Song “Come, People of the Risen King”

Reading – John 20: 3-18

Song “See, What a Morning”

Reading – I Corinthians 15: 35-53

The Story of the Dragonfly


Song “Thine Be The Glory”


Simon Carver Written by:


  1. Linda
    12th April 2020

    Wonderful service, thank you all – enjoyed singing those inspiring songs and hymns – not quite the same as being together physically but knowing everyone is doing the same helps! Good to hear all your voices too ?

  2. Ruth Sayers
    12th April 2020

    I enjoyed this service a lot. It’s really great to be able to hear the Services, & hear familiar voices, when we can’t physically meet together. I’m REALLY sorry I missed the virtual meet up for coffee this morning. I wrote in a message to somebody in Norwich last night, (it’s wonderful to still be able to be in contact with a lot of my friends there. They were such SPECIAL TIMES when I was there.). I said in the message “They’re having virtual coffee after the service in the church I go to in St Albans tomorrow morning.” Then I re-read the message, & I put in brackets (real coffee, they’re virtually meeting up together)!!!!!!!!! Then I thought, “THAT’S WHAT SOCIAL-ISOLATING’S DOING TO ME!!!!!!!!! Has anybody had virtual coffee????????? What does it taste like????????? Has anybody else been saying or doing CRAZY THINGS during this period? There should be somewhere we can write them down, & tell each other. We need to have something to laugh at during this time. I often say crazy things anyway, but during this time I’m blaming it all on self-isolating!!!!!!!!!

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