Be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead

This is the fifth in our series of on-line services led by Simon Carver and Jonny Fillis. We hope that you enjoy listening to the words and music and that it will help you feel part of the community of our church through these difficult times.

We are grateful to Rory Carver and Matthew Green for providing the music and to Danny Smith, our sound engineer.

Order of Service

Welcome and Notices

Reading – Psalm 16

Song “Come, People of the Risen King”

Reading – Romans 8: 31 – 39


Song “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”

Reading – I Peter 1: 3 – 9


Reading – Romans 5: 1 – 5

Intercessory Prayers

Song “For the Healing of the Nations”


Simon Carver Written by:


    19th April 2020

    Thank you Johnny and Simon, for this service during these hard times and hope in the near future we can return to the church. building.

  2. Joan
    19th April 2020

    Thank you so much.

  3. Jan Williams
    19th April 2020

    Thank you for a glorious service filled with love & hope.

  4. Solomon
    19th April 2020

    Thanks for putting this together. Reminding us of God’s presence as we traverse this totally unfamiliar terrain. We trust that when it’s all over our faith in God’s concern over us and His love for us will be stronger.
    Please keep Titi and I in your prayers as we continue to work in the health services, as well as others in similar situation.

  5. Linda
    19th April 2020

    Thank you all – a challenging & inspiring service.

  6. Ruth Sayers
    19th April 2020

    I listened to this service tonight, thank you very much, I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get together again. The number of deaths in the UK is lower than it has been for some time. We need it to get to no more deaths from Coronavirus & no more infections from it before we can go out again. Please pray that that day will not be too long in coming. Lots of love to all of you. Keep safe, won’t you, & God bless all of you.

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