Just Elspeth (St Albans Tour)

In her second monologue, Elspeth takes a tour of St. Peter’s Street, and is able to take in all the quirks of architecture, the fascinating stories of church people in past centuries, and the tales behind the buildings. For example, a barn in Sandridge, which was dismantled and re-built with another barn to form the Waterend Barn.

There’s so much of interest, especially when the tourist is not swamped with traffic, as Elspeth is taking a tour in the time of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Find out what you might never have known and enjoy it with a touch of humour.

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  1. John Griggs
    23rd April 2020

    Very Elspeth! Interesting but wrong in a couple of places. The Museum in Hatfield Road closed years ago and has been developed into houses. The Civic Centre now houses the Police Station that was previously in Victoria Street and was demolished in 2019. The Waterend Barn may have been refurbished in 2005, but it has been open for over 60 yrs as I used to go there with my mother. It used to be entered from St Peter’s street and was owned by Thrales.
    I hope that Elspeth continues on her walk and perhaps makes her way all the way down to the St Albans Water Works sited at the bottom of Holywell Hill.

  2. Elspeth jackman
    24th April 2020

    Hi John,
    I’m afraid the limitations of self-isolating have meant that the only rescources I have to check St.Albans history are the internet. I do apologise for getting things wrong. . Maybe when we are back to a relative normal when I can have someone else in the house, I can ask you to be my interviewee on local matters !!

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