Help The Horn; Don’t Feed the Horses, Feed Charities instead

Danny speaks to Matt Adams from the Herts Ad to get some local news stories.

Charities are suffering greatly as many fundraising events have been cancelled at this time. The London Marathon was going to take place last weekend, and raises a significant amount for charities all around the UK. In leiu of the Marathon, the 2.6 challenge has been created. If you would like to help out a charity, consider signing up for a 2.6 challenge and help raise money that way. Or you can donate to other people’s efforts too.

You can find a list of charities in St Albans on the charitycheckout website too.

Local people are being asked to not feed horses or other animals that they might encounter on their daily walks. It might seem like a nice activity to do but it can be very harmful to the animals if they receive food that is not good for their health. This can lead to long term illness and high vet bills for owners.

Matt also tells us about how The Horn is appealing for donations to save it during this period where it is unable to open, so bill payments and staff wages are in jeopardy. You can see their appeal and donate on their website.

These and many other local stories can be found on the Herts Ad website.

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