Will You, Won’t You? And how to Access A Local Foodbank

Michael Labrum spoke to Danny in the virtual studio this week about a very important document that over half of us don’t have – a will. He busts some myths on some of the common reasons that people don’t have them and encourages us all to make sure we have one. If not for us, for our loved ones we leave behind. You can find out more about Michael and get in touch with him on the Labrums Solicitors website.

Accessing a food bank is becoming more and more common, but if you find yourself struggling whould you know where to go? Yvonne from the Vineyard Church tells Danny about their FEED project, how people can access it or help out by volunteering or donating if they are able instead.

The Herts Ad news team members Matt and Laura bring us some of latest stories from the local area, including information about coronavirus myths. You can get in touch and send in your stories to: hertsad@archant.co.uk

Watch out for Danny and Film Guide host Simon Carver’s contribution to a video put together by the Herts Ad to be released on Friday 8th celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

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