Cuddle Up with a Classic & Keep Young Minds Healthy with Youth Talk

Book Club Clare brings us a new theme this month – Lockdown Reading Challenge & Free Sources of Literature. Why not read a book you’ve always meant to?  If you pick an older classic, like Dickens, Brontes or Tolstoy you can get it free. Many older books are free on Amazon Kindle.

Other sources of literature include: Project Gutenberg – over 60,000 free titles to read online or download. Poetry by Heart has a huge range of poems. Perseus Tufts if you want to read some really ancient classics. You can download the Kindle app or other free e-reader to your smartphone or tablet. Or, contact neighbours for a book swap – of course, avoid physical contact and you should quarantine that book for at least a day before sitting down to read it.

Clare Hobba is an Author & Creative Writing Tutor. For an excellent Creative Writing Course starting now, visit BSV Creative Writing Course webpage. She is blogging the Corona Crisis at My Moonshot.

Our guest this week is David Barker from Youth Talk who gives us some information about the councilling and other services for young people available for free. You can get help on how to support a younger person in your life or if you are a young person, get in contact with them to arrange a chat. You can also help Youth Talk out my helping with fundraising events or donating to them if you can.

Matt and Laura from the virtual Herts Ad news room bring us some of latest stories from the local area. You can get in touch and send in your stories to:

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