Going Back to Fishing in Galilee

This is number twelve in our series of on-line services led by Simon Carver and Jonny Fillis. We hope that you enjoy listening to the words and music and that it will help you feel part of the community of our church through these difficult times.

We are grateful to Rory Carver, Matthew Green, and to Danny Smith, who puts this together.

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Order of Service

“Lo, He comes with clouds descending”

Welcome and Notices

Call to Worship

Song “O Lord my God! When I in Awesome Wonder”


Reading – John 21: 1 – 14 (From The Message)


Song “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God”

Prayers of Intercession

Song “Before the Throne of God Above”


Fantasia for Two Viols Orlando Gibbons

PRS License: LE-0020373

Simon Carver Written by:


  1. Janet Movery-Peers
    7th June 2020

    I just want to say how much I appreciate having this Podcast at the start of the day. It helps me to reflect, pray and meditate on God’s word before hearing the beeps on the phone. I am grateful for the effort of the musicians, Danny and the team. It was lovely to see the video that Mathew produced showing how he put together the various contributions from individuals. The music at the start and at the end is amazing and I have enjoyed listening to the Sermon each Sunday. It helps me to feel I am still apart of DSBC family.

  2. Solomon
    7th June 2020

    Thanks Simon and Jonny, and others for putting on today’s sunday service. Never stopped been amazed at Biblical details that I have over looked all these decades of reading scriptures. One of them came to light in your sermon.today. There were two records of infusion of the HOly Spirit into the disciples! First when Christ breadthed on them, and the second with the coming of the tongue as a fire and the resultant “glosolalia” So thanks for opening my eyes to this point today.
    By God’s grace I will continue to reflect what ” back to fishing in Galilee” means for me.
    God bless you all and the family of Christ in Dagnall Street Baptist. Have a good week.

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