Gatherings were always meant to be scattered

This is number thirteen in our series of on-line services led by Simon Carver and Jonny Fillis. We hope that you enjoy listening to the words and music and that it will help you feel part of the community of our church through these difficult times.

We are grateful to Rory Carver, Matthew Green, and to Danny Smith, who puts this together.

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Order of Service

“In the Lord I’ll be ever thankful”

Welcome and Notices

Call to Worship – Isaiah 35: 1 – 10

Song “The splendour of the King Clothed in Majesty”


Instrumental “Faithful One”

Reading – Matthew 9: 35 – 10: 8


Prayers of Intercession

Song “For the Healing of the Nations”


PRS License: LE-0020373

Simon Carver Written by:

One Comment

  1. Joan
    14th June 2020

    To start with, I really do like the services you and Jonny put online, thank you.
    This is for Simon:
    This morning, during my Bible study, I came across a verse, Lamentations 4:3, with a reference to ostriches. Last week you read from Job, and thought that the reference there was the only time ostriches were mentioned in the Bible. I thought that might interest you!
    I can’t find out what the ostriches actually do to their young in the desert!
    Apologies if you’ve been overrun by corrections!

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