Theatre – outside and on Here!

Words cannot express how delighted we are to bring you this show where we are able to talk to you about getting back to theatre!

Maltings Theatre is putting on a socially distant outdoor theatre festival from 14-31 August with 34 performances over the festival. We talk on this show to Adam Nichols, artistic director for Maltings Theatre about his campaign to get open air theatre approved by the government. And we hear about the show he is directing for Ovo, Merry Wives of Windsor. We are also joined by Matthew Parker, director of Ovo’s other in-house show which forms part of the festival, Henry V. As always, both have a very Ovo twist on the Bard. Tickets available by clicking HERE

If you want your drama a little closer to hom, Philip Reardon talks to Susie as well about the radio play he has directed Love in Lockdown which will air exclusively on the St Albans Podcast network from next week! Make sure you hit subscribe and it will come to you!

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