Just Elspeth (The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer)

In this Just Elspeth podcast, she reports on what must be the most extraordinary monument ever created – a wall 169 ft tall on which will be digitally inscribed a thousand answered prayers. No, it’s not in St Albans, but midway between the M6 and the M42 alongside the proposed HS2. It’s taken Richard Gamble, who had this vision, four years to get the funding, launch the competition for the design, planning permission and it will be the biggest physical testimony to God’s faithfulness we have ever seen.  But think of our own Abbey and the way it is open to pinning up the prayers of the public. What if we pinned up the answers that God gave, as well. That might promote God’s power. I don’t think anything like this has ever been done so in another year we can go and sight see! 

Elspeth Jackman Written by: