Just Elspeth (The Joy of Musicals)

Elspeth brings back a lot of fond memories of her time singing musicals in the Alban Arena and of her recollection of going to musicals. For example for her daughter’s birthday treat enjoying “Trial by Jury” in the perfect setting of the Old Courtroom, now used as a café, here in our Museum; as a family watching “Les Miserables” in London, without knowing the plot and so getting a few shocks!

She also served the St. Albans Operatic Society (as it was then called), by accompanying rehearsals, and notably managed to play almost non-stop the score of “Guys and Dolls” without having seen it before. She further expresses a wish that many will agree with, that soon, very soon, theatre will again be available in the Arena. 

Elspeth Jackman Written by: