Just Elspeth (Anxiety)

In this podcast, Elspeth faces the problem that comes to most of us, at some time, and particularly so during this pandemic. Anxiety. She doesn’t think most of us worry about contracting the virus as much as worrying about the inevitable constraints that need to be in place to halt its spread.

There’s the agony of not allowing contact with an ageing parent who might not last long, there’s the trauma of wondering whether your currently flourishing business will fold and leave you bankrupt… the difficult decisions of retail where owners have to decide which shops need to close.

Covid 19 is an invisible disease, and Elspeth is intrigued how similar this is to the Plague in 1665. She also points out that if we can see the awful results of an invisible disease, we can turn to something else that appears invisible… the power and love of God the greatest antidote to Anxiety.

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