Vaccinations and Pedestrianisation

Alan Bellinger brings us the latest news and information about COVID-19 in St Albans. The details he discussed can be found in his Health Matters blog post. He also links to the dashboard where you can check the information for yourself too.

Matt & Laura from the Herts Ad bring us some local stories including the latest on city centre pedestrianisation, the Winter Beds Project and the success of our local vaccination centre.

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  1. deryane tadd
    18th February 2021

    With regards to the High Street Road Closures, I have never said that I am in favour of this, I am absolutely 100% against the closure of the High Street, it is detrimental to trade, traffic flow and visibility of our businesses on High Street. I have said in the past that I understand the appeal of pedestrianisation of George Street and Market Place, but not High Street and Verulam Road which is a main A road.

    Deryane Tadd
    The Dressing Room.

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