Birds & Orangutans

Listen to find out from Clare about the bird books she is recommending this month. Specifically, her choices are The Nightingale, Notes on a Songbird by Sam Lee, Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald and Remarkable Guide to British Birds by Bill Bailey.

Trying to catch the dawn chorus is easy as St Albans is surrounded by woods.  Why not go there at early and listen to the vibrant dawn chorus.  For those who don’t like getting up early, there is also a dusk chorus. Find out more from the Woodland Trust.

Clare has a blog about one green family making their way through the Covid Crisis: My Moon-shot. She tutors a creative writing course for beginners starting in September.

Matt is bringing us some of the latest news stories, including a campaign to reduce people’s use of palm oil. The harvest of this product is destroying the habitat of the orangutan. Not sure how to swap out the products you might use with it in? Tali can help you! Find out about many more local news stories on the Herts Ad website.

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