Just Elspeth (Elspeth’s Baby)

Elspeth does a retrospective here, and recalls , after a marriage in her 30’s, she and her husband David, decided to try for a baby. Baby Sarah Elizabeth brought much joy, but the forceps entry into the world caused much pain for her mum. This , of course, is remembering from a long time ago, as the baby now has 3 little girls of her own and Elspeth is a delighted grandmother.

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  1. Ruth Sayers
    24th May 2021

    I wanted to watch this podcast today, it was going to be about when Elspeth “tried for a baby” (I HATE that expression!!!!!) when she was in her 30’s. I wanted to watch it, and I found I could only listen to it. This wasn’t talking about that anyway, it was Elspeth imagining all sorts of things in her mind, but nothing about having a baby!!!!! Can somebody explain it to me? Thank you very much.

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