St Albans Film Guide with Chris and Sam: 11th June 2021

The second new hosting set-up since Simon Carver stepped down from the Film Guide sees husband-and-wife duo Chris Aikman and Samantha Rolfe step into the breach. They discuss the new films in the cinema, as well as on Netflix and Prime Video, and finish off with Chris’ picks of films on free-to-air TV for the coming week.

Chris also introduces his new segment on the pod, ‘Where To Next?’, which will be a journey through cinema not in the English language. Each month Chris will be announcing what film they will be watching next, and they invite you to watch too and send in your comments.

Here are Chris’ picks for films on free-to-air TV for this week:

Saturday 12th June

9pm – 11.25pm

28 Days Later
9pm – 11.20pm

Sunday 13th June

The Full Monty
9pm – 10.50pm

Tuesday 15th June

12 Angry Men
5.05pm – 7pm

Wednesday 16th June

10pm – 12.50pm

Thursday 17th June

John Wick Chapter 2
10pm – 12.25pm

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