St Albans Film Guide with Tim Stafford: 29th October 2021

The Film Guide team welcome new host Tim Stafford into the fold.  Tim is the second doctor in the team (after Space Doctor Sam, no less) and, given he has a PhD in Film Studies, is eminently qualified to host.

Tim starts off by looking at prominent new releases in UK cinemas for this week, before moving on to new releases on streaming services.  Part 3 comprises a new feature “Tim’s A-Z of cinema” before we wrap things up with Tim’s choices of the films to watch on UK free-to-air TV for the forthcoming week.  Here are Tim’s selections:

Friday 29th October
Warcraft: the Beginning – Film 4 – 6.40pm

Saturday 30th
The Great Wall – Channel 4 8.55 pm

Sunday 31st
Beetlejuice – channel 5 – 5.35pm

Monday 1st November
Gods of Egypt – film 4 – 6.35 pm

Tuesday 2nd
Exodus Gods and Kings – Film 4 – 6.05pm

Wednesday 3rd
Cable Guy – great movies – 8.05 pm

Thursday 4th
Star Trek: Generations – Film 4 – 6.30 pm

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