St Albans Film Guide with Danny Smith: 12th November 2021

In a change to the regular hosting pattern, this week the guide is none other than Danny Smith.  Producer Sam is on hand to host and together they discus new releases in the cinema and on streaming services.  Chris Aikman joins in with another film from around the world, before Danny shares his selection of the best films to watch on UK free-to-air TV for the week ahead.  Here are his choices:

Up in the Air  (2009)
Fri 12 Nov 11:55pm
Man of Steel  (2013)
Sat 13 Nov 10:50pm
ITV HD London
Dangerous Minds  (1995)
Sun 14 Nov 10:55pm
Big Trouble in Little China  (1986)
Mon 15 Nov 9:00pm
Paramount Network
The Rock  (1996)
Tue 16 Nov 9:00pm
Star Trek: First Contact  (1996)
Wed 17 Nov 6:50pm
Magnum Force  (1973)
Thu 18 Nov 11:05pm
Channel 5
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