St Albans Film Guide with Max Hartington: 18th March 2022

Max returns to the Film Guide armed with more movie suggestions for us to consider.  He starts of perusing our local cinemas for the latest releases, before moving on to new original and exclusive movies on the main streaming services.

Each week the host can focus on a particular theme or genre and for Max’s turn, her has chosen 80s Action Movies.  This time it’s the turn of Lethal Weapon from 1987.

The final part of the show looks at Max’s recommendations of the best films to watch on UK free-to-air TV for the forthcoming week.  Here are his choices:

Friday 18th March
28 Days Later
9pm – 5star

Saturday 19th
Mad Max 2
9pm – ITV4

Sunday 20th 
Every Which Way But Loose
7.55pm – 5Action

Monday 21st 
9pm – ITV4

Tuesday 22nd
Home Alone 2, Lost in New York
6.40pm – Film 4

Wednesday 23rd
9pm – ITV4

Thursday 24th 
The Terminal
9pm – Great Movies

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