One to One with… Jeff Lewis (Alban Way Railway)

Jeff Lewis is excited! At last he has got not only the back-up of volunteers, but the endorsement of our local council, to bring history to life in Smallford, regarding the railways. In 1865 you could catch a train From Hatfield to St Albans. The Hatfield and St Albans Railway Company opened their line on 16th October 1865 but in the end, passenger traffic stopped in 1951, and the line was closed at the end of 1968.

However, Jeff, formerly a teacher, discovered lots of individuals who offered information on what happened to Smallford Railway since then, and he is heading up the creation of a “new look” to the current rather sad-looking platform and other buildings, promising Victorian lamp posts and beds of flowers.

So, for anyone interested, with other information, or anyone offering to help in any way please contact Jeff Lewis

Elspeth Jackman Written by: