St Albans Film Guide with Max Hartington: 19th May 2023

Max Hartington returns to the Film Guide armed with more movie suggestions for us to consider. He starts off perusing our local cinemas for the latest releases, before moving on to Max’s Action Movies. This time it’s the turn of Kingsman:  The Secret Service from 2014.

The final part of the show looks at Max’s recommendations of the best films to watch on UK free-to-air TV for the forthcoming week. Here are his choices:

Friday 19th May
Film4 9pm

Saturday 20th
Fivestar 11.05 pm
The Warriors

Sunday 21st
Paramount Network 9pm
The Dead Pool

Monday 22nd
Itv4 7.30pm
Licence to Kill

Tuesday 23rd
BBC2 11.30pm

Wednesday 24th
ITV4 9pm
Live Free or Die Hard

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