…And Sarah Laughed

This is number one hundred and sixty-three in our series of on-line services led by the Dagnall Street Worship Group.

We hope that you enjoy listening to the words and music and that it will help you feel part of the community of our church.
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Order of Service

1. Prelude “The Laughing Policeman”
2. Welcome and Notices
3. Call to Worship
4. Song “Lord of all hopefulness”
5. Prayer
6. Song “Abba Father”
7. Introduction
8. Dramatised Reading
9. Song “Be still for the presence of the Lord”
10. Reflection
11. A Prayer for Women Laughing and Introduction to the Reading
12.Reading – Ezra 3:10-13
13. Song  “Over all the world”
14.Poem – Bubbles and Rainbows
15. Prayers of Intercession for Fathers’ Day
16. Blessing 
17. Song “You shall go out with joy”
18. Postlude – Open the eyes of my heart  (instrumental)
PRS License: LE-0020373
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One Comment

  1. Noreen
    9th July 2023

    Thanks to all involved with these pods. They have always been interesting, stimulating and encouraged thought.
    They were particularly helpful and thoughtful in Lockdown.
    I have enjoyed starting Sunday mornings listening to them. They set me up for the day.
    So sadly come to an end. I have gone back to the beginning and listening to them all again.
    One advantage is not having to wait till 8-30 for the email available any time.

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