One-to-One with Elspeth

Part of The St Albans Podcast, One-to-One with Elspeth is a weekly programme returning local Christian broadcaster Elspeth Jackman to the airwaves.

About Elspeth

One of Elspeth’s current passions is painting, with a website in the making, and  she delights in painting  abstracts  and portraits of her friends. 
She also opens conversations with passengers on trains by secretly drawing them.  In fact, words are her thing, with several books to her name, the latest being ” Enjoying later life “…and  she laughs to see on all her old school reports,” Elspeth talks too much ! ”  Yes, and that did mean broadcasting in Leicester and Nottingham.
Music is also one of the threads of her life. For many years she ran pre-school music groups in St.Albans, and at one time had 500 pupils in 39 different half hour groups through the week.  Now she teaches piano, and delights in the company of children.
Her large garden is a place to be free of the computer, and her Christian friends are a great support, now that she is on her own.
She loves life, so you never know what subjects she’ll discover in these podcasts.